Storytelling is Influence, Persuasion and Innovation.



Together with another storyteller, Karen Lee, both of us conducted a storytelling workshop for children who survive cancer. Our 2-hr workshop was part of a wonderful camp run by the Children's Cancer Foundation.  We selected choice healing stories to build confidence in these children. 


 One child made his own 'transformational' story about a dinosaur.  With a flick of his hand, the young dinosaur magically grows up into a bigger and stronger dinosaur.  It is a picture of hope for himself.  

 One child coloured his story wheel designed by Karen.  He can tell his story using the story wheel. 

SuperHero Me

 The StoryJammers comprising of Wong Swee Yean, Jane Lau and Tay Sia Yeun, developed a creative arts programme for children with mixed abilities for Playlabs of Superhero Me Ltd.