Christian Stories for the Christian Community

 Students at San Yu Adventist school listened a range of stories.  The lower primary children listened to animal stories while the upper primary children were treated to a 'scary' story about a stormy night in Luke 8:22-25. I told the story in a unique way that required the students to fill in the blanks with hand gestures. Speed and attentiveness was paramount. Then, the upper primary kids learnt to sing "With Christ in my boat, I can smile at the storm" while I played the guitar. We all had fun.   

 I shared about the troubles we encounter that are like sudden storms that catch us off guard, giving us anxieties and worries.  We may cry, scream or feel like it's the end of the world, just like the time I went kayaking on a fast-moving rapid and panicked when my boat capsized.  It was scary. Thoughts of death filled my mind so much so that I couldn't and didn't hear my instructor shouting to me to swim to the river bank.  I related this experience and linked it to their personal experiences with panic attack in school or at home and about how to remain calm.   

Students at Fairfield Methodist Primary School sang with me and learnt about courage and determination.