这次的纪念二战故事会是黄坤浩老师和蔡美娥老师的构想.我参与练习彩排也帮助讲古同乐会会员的练习。预备的过程让我更深的理解当时战争的恐惧无助的感觉。我实在过得很幸福。 当天的演出有很多年长观众。我看到一些掉眼泪,我们的故事和表演一定是带给他们很多回忆。

There were many people involved in this project on world war two stories started by Mr Ng Koon How and Ms Chua. I participated in the rehearsals as well as in training of one of the performers. That whole experience left me a deep impression.  I could feel the kind of hopelessness and helplessness of those times.  I realize I am very blessed.   On the day of performance, many elderly audience were teary-eyed.  They were moved by the stories and the performance. Perhaps they brought back memories of their past or of someone they knew

398.2 Festival 2017 Adult Chinese Storytelling

Karen and I told Chinese stories and finger rhyme with the audience.