Family Day for Self Help Groups Student Care Limited (SHGSCL).


June 4 is an important day for The Self Help Groups Student Care Limited (SHGSCL).  It is the SHGSCL Family Day at Xingnan Primary School.   In the morning, I carried out a storytelling session with craft for the kids.  

Acting Minister for Education, Mr Ng Chee Meng, was the guest of honour at this event and dropped in while I  was telling my stories. He sat down with the kids to listen and then took some photos with us. 

I found out that Mr. Ng talked about tacit learning in one of his interviews in May.  He said, “Can we afford our child a bit more playtime so that he may well fall down, scrape his knees, but he would learn the skills to pick himself up, grow in character and tenacity and resilience? All those are what I call tacit learning, and what makes a complete person.”  

What a coincidence that my story that morning was about an animal that showed tenacity and resilience.  Storytelling supports tacit learning and there is research to show how storytelling affects the brain and is able to influence our thoughts and create change in a person.